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Originally from Reno, Frances was a shapely brunette who popped up in some enjoyably trashy low budget exploitation pictures made throughout the 80s as Frances Raines. (She's a step-grand niece of legendary actor Claude Raines, who has been an inspiration.) After 'dying for a living' for several years, she discovered ‘life after death’ in Ryder P.I. (1986) which was Howard Stern's film debut.


Frances later worked on stages regionally and in New York City under her married name, Frances Sherman. After becoming a parent, she took commercial work and smaller roles in larger films that made fewer demands on her family life. Now once again being able to give her acting career her full attention, she's refocussing on television and film work. On camera, she's the recovering party girl (a groupie back in the day, but now one very sober bartender), the ruthless grifter with a murky past, or the socially-conscious public defender on a mission.

Frances paints and draws commissioned art when not working as an actor.  (Which could be termed ‘dyeing for a living’, if puns are allowed.)

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